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The statistics for UK End-to-End cycle rides are few and far between - primarily as there are no prescribed "official" routes or formalities to complete.  The End-to-End Club runs books of rider details at both LE & JOG but again they are not comprehensive.

Clicking "ALL Listed Rides" on the LH menu under Statistics will show all rides that have been listed in the "My ride starts ... " calendar, with dates, direction, duration and (in many instances) brief details.

Cycle : End-to-End is attempting to create some meaningful statistics by asking past riders to complete a questionnaire - the responses will be analysed on an ongoing basis and will, in time, provide interesting results - and address a very frequent question : How many people ride the E2E each year?

The results will be published on the website and available (on a consolidated basis) to any interested parties.

To be successful this project needs your input ... and do please encourage other E2E cyclists to respond.

To proceed to the questions go to the Survey link on the left

A few notes about the questionnaire :

In order to create meaningful statistics most of the questions are mandatory - we ask for an e-mail address for validation (prevention of false data etc) only - rest assured that e-mail addresses will never be sold or passed to a third-party.  Any e-mails sent out by the Cycle : End-to-End website will always have an opt-out message.

Thanks you for your interest - I hope you enjoyed your E2E as much as I did, riding JOGLE & LEJOG

Rob, webmaster

To proceed to the questions go to the Survey link on the left

This feature is in test, with a "soft launch" to see how it works - if you have any comments please let me know!  Rob, webmaster

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