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Date Title Start point Category
1.Jun.2012 - 8.Jun.2012 Spencer's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
2.Jun.2012 - 10.Jun.2012 End2End2012 Land's End LEJOG
2.Jun.2012 - 19.Jun.2012 Hutchinson's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
6.Jun.2012 - 15.Jun.2012 Bagelonabike LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
8.Jun.2012 - 2.Jul.2012 All the way up and most of the way back again Land's End LEJOG
8.Jun.2012 - 23.Jun.2012 LEJOG on a Cog Land's End LEJOG
9.Jun.2012 - 18.Jun.2012 LEJOG4BrianHouse Land's End LEJOG
9.Jun.2012 - 16.Jun.2012 Must-dash Jogle 2012 John O'Groats JOGLE
9.Jun.2012 - 18.Jun.2012 Meredith's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
10.Jun.2012 - 29.Jun.2012 Keeping's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
10.Jun.2012 - 30.Jun.2012 JOGLE for St Julias John O'Groats JOGLE
13.Jun.2012 - 23.Jun.2012 Cycling Dragon 2012 LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
15.Jun.2012 - 22.Jun.2012 The Fridays are going On Tour Other E2E - not LEJOG or JOGLE NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
16.Jun.2012 - 1.Jul.2012 Simmons LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
16.Jun.2012 - 28.Jun.2012 The Real Ale Tour John O'Groats JOGLE
17.Jun.2012 - 30.Jun.2012 John O'Groats or Bust Land's End LEJOG
18.Jun.2012 - 27.Jun.2012 IanWatsonLEJOG Land's End LEJOG
21.Jun.2012 - 7.Jul.2012 Bruce's Big Bike Bonanza John O'Groats JOGLE
22.Jun.2012 - 1.Jul.2012 Sparks Wrexham LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
23.Jun.2012 - 13.Jul.2012 Cycling Dragon 2012 LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
23.Jun.2012 - 29.Jun.2012 Gretna Green-LE Other E2E - not LEJOG or JOGLE NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
24.Jun.2012 - 6.Jul.2012 Bikeyride Land's End LEJOG
27.Jun.2012 - 6.Jul.2012 Alexander Latham-boal JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
1.Jul.2012 - 10.Jul.2012 LHPD-JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
4.Jul.2012 - 13.Jul.2012 One woman, one bike, one tent Land's End LEJOG
5.Jul.2012 - 16.Jul.2012 Richard Watt's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
7.Jul.2012 - 27.Jul.2012 James and Joe LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
7.Jul.2012 - 20.Jul.2012 Dan & Dom's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
9.Jul.2012 - 26.Jul.2012 David and Tom's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
11.Jul.2012 - 21.Jul.2012 Stu Solo LEJOG 2012 Land's End LEJOG
13.Jul.2012 - 28.Jul.2012 The Ride Other E2E - not LEJOG or JOGLE NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
14.Jul.2012 - 5.Aug.2012 Trois fous en France 2012 Other E2E - not LEJOG or JOGLE NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
15.Jul.2012 - 27.Jul.2012 Mike's LEJOG 2012 Land's End LEJOG
23.Jul.2012 - 30.Jul.2012 Our Big Cycling Journey John O'Groats JOGLE
24.Jul.2012 - 31.Jul.2012 Paul and James's LEJOG Challenge Land's End LEJOG
24.Jul.2012 - 3.Aug.2012 JOGLEmpics John O'Groats JOGLE
28.Jul.2012 - 8.Aug.2012 Mathew Russell's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
3.Aug.2012 - 15.Aug.2012 Andrew's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
9.Aug.2012 - 23.Aug.2012 LEJOG for Stroke Association Land's End LEJOG
18.Aug.2012 - 25.Aug.2012 2 go End2End Land's End LEJOG
18.Aug.2012 - 30.Aug.2012 Per Ardua LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
19.Aug.2012 - 31.Aug.2012 Darren's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
20.Aug.2012 - 20.Sep.2012 5 Country Tour Land's End LEJOG
22.Aug.2012 - 10.Sep.2012 Timandhughdo LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
25.Aug.2012 - 7.Sep.2012 Simon and Phillip's SANDS LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
1.Sep.2012 - 10.Sep.2012 Baines LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
5.Sep.2012 - 30.Sep.2012 Coffs Cruisers Land's End LEJOG
8.Sep.2012 - 16.Sep.2012 Deloitte Ride Across Britain Land's End LEJOG
8.Sep.2012 - 21.Sep.2012 Keith Gale LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
12.Sep.2012 - 25.Sep.2012 Lazy cyclist's mid-life crisis Land's End LEJOG

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