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All the rides that have been listed in the Ride Calendar since April 2009 when the site was launched (With Rob & Joe's JOGLE in 2005 that started the site idea)

Some limited sorting is possible using the column headers - and, where added, riders' notes can be seen.
Date Title Start point Category
19.May.2017 - 27.May.2017 Warren and Tommy JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
20.May.2017 - 2.Jun.2017 Kevin's LEJOG 2017 for Alzheimer's Society Land's End LEJOG
27.May.2017 - 5.Jun.2017 RoyalScot John O'Groats JOGLE
5.Jun.2017 - 7.Jul.2017 Two Tyred LEJOG 2017 Land's End LEJOG
6.Jun.2017 - 15.Jun.2017 I'm doing it my way Land's End LEJOG
2.Jul.2017 - 16.Jul.2017 Bear Necessities LEJOG Challenge Land's End LEJOG
10.Jul.2017 - 20.Jul.2017 It's All Downhill From Here! John O'Groats JOGLE
22.Jul.2017 - 8.Aug.2017 United Europe! John O'Groats JOGLE
23.Jul.2017 - 6.Aug.2017 Sixth Time Lucky, My Bike Knows The Route By Now Land's End LEJOG
26.Jul.2017 - 4.Aug.2017 JOGLE for Nana Wendy John O'Groats JOGLE
29.Jul.2017 - 6.Aug.2017 Dan Page JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
6.Aug.2017 - 24.Aug.2017 Electric elejog Land's End LEJOG
17.Aug.2017 - 30.Aug.2017 Whitchurch Social Cycling Lejog 2017 Land's End LEJOG
31.Aug.2017 - 8.Sep.2017 Mid-life crisis JOGLE ride John O'Groats JOGLE
2.Mar.2018 - 10.Mar.2018 9 day JOGLE for fun John O'Groats JOGLE
2.Apr.2018 - 19.Apr.2018 Ams MIND ride LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
4.May.2018 - 13.May.2018 Cobalt crew reunite Land's End LEJOG
6.May.2018 - 2.Jun.2018 Alan's Solo Run Land's End LEJOG
1.Jun.2018 - 29.Jun.2018 Nicholas Pugh' LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
14.Jun.2018 - 29.Jun.2019 Mike Butters LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
17.Jun.2018 - 2.Jul.2018 Mal & Woody's big adventure John O'Groats JOGLE
23.Jun.2018 - 2.Jul.2018 3T's LEJOG 2018 Land's End LEJOG
16.Sep.2018 - 30.Sep.2018 Brody's Tour Land's End LEJOG

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