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End-to-End and Beyond 2013
20.Apr.2013 - 31.May.2013
Land's End -


Webmaster's note : The dates submitted covered quite a spread of time so I asked -  "The dates look like it's part of a bigger trip? - we'd prefer to just have the dates for the E2E segment please"

... and the reply :

Thanks for your response.   Yes, our LEJOG trip is part of a bigger one, but we gave you the projected dates for just LEJOG.  We are taking a non-traditional route to the east, for a total of just under 1,200 miles.  Also, we aren't going for speed, but rather to see the country.  We have rest days built in.  Finally, there are 4 of us, and our ages total greater than a quarter of a millennium.  So, this is what we are planning.  So far we are having a great ride and will make it to Bath tomorrow.

--  Kit Rawson


Start point:
Land's End