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Mat Greener : Rawhide
2.Jun.2009 - 11.Jun.2009
John O'Groats -


Mat Greener : Rawhide

JOGLE Interview

After a long break from interviews Mat Greener returns with a hard hitting interview

Q: So what are you doing now?

Q: Sounds like a little run & laughing while you do it is that the case?
A: JOGLE is an acronym for John O'Groats Lands End. I am cycling between John O'Groats & Lands End over 9 days 961 miles. I am riding in aid of Ty Hafan children's hospice. People who wish to sponsor me can go to

Q: You already have quite a few sponsors. There are various comments. It does seem to be that you have picked the easy route, going from North to South so it will be all down hill.
A: Even if there were no hills, that theory would only work if the Earth was pyramid shape but as it is spherical with many hills then North to South has little relevance. Think about any mountain it will always have a base further north than its summit does that mean it is down hill?!

Q: Let me stop you there I am not interested in your ranting. There seem to be a lot of comments about socks would care to explain those.
A: Well that is the trouble about the youth of today all they think about are socks. The reason is on the original email I sent out I mentioned I was only taking one pair of socks; I would use them as a flannel & towel & give them to one lucky sponsor on my return.

Q: So do you mind what people write on the website?
A: As long as they give money not at all

Q: So apart from socks what are you taking?
A: 63 paper clips if the chain breaks can make a new chain Christmas Crackers in case the trip takes longer than planned & have to have Christmas on the road 200 small plastic balls might do some children's parties on the way 3 plastic dinosaurs just to play with Rugby Ball challenge the locals to a game 20 tins of Tuna keep eating protein 63 pints of milk need to drink a pint an hour Superman costume if riding gets too hard can fly Phone Lights Lock Waterproof stuff 2 spare inner tubes Toothbrush & toothpaste to share between 3 of us

Q: You are only child aren't you & I bet your family said you were funny sorry to disappoint you but they were lying! So essentially you are getting a free relaxing holiday!
A: Yes except for the free & the relaxing part. None of the sponsorship will go towards my trip every penny will go to the charity together with Gift Aid & matched funding up to the first 500. Hardly relaxing up to 10 hours in the saddle every day.

Q: So why bother?
A: Testing my cycling endurance to an extreme & to raise money for a charity where I think 9 days hard effort for me is nothing compared to what some people go through all their lives

Q: OK get off your soap box now. How have you been preparing?
A: Strangely enough cycling. One of the people I am cycling with is my cousin. The other weekend we cycled between our houses 133 miles & I cycled from Cardiff to my house later in the week which was 125 miles.

Q: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I only wanted to know vaguely you don't have to describe every mile you have cycled. How do you take your mind of the ride?
A: Well last Thursday I got knocked off my bike which buckled my wheel & left me bruised so I didn't cycle over the weekend. Thought my eyesight had gone blurred but found out I had lost a glasses lense.

Q: Well usually your anecdotes are just not funny but that was positively disturbing. How many of you are doing it?
A: 3 of us

Q: So there only 2 people in the world who are prepared to spend 9 days with you?
A: You got it completely wrong my cousin organised it & he has agreed to let me go with him. Although, in fact, he hasn't spent more than 9 days, in total with me, in the last 10 years. His friend has never met me.

Q: So is there any chance you will stay together all the way? Have you booked luxury accommodation all the way?
A: Apart from staying a night each in both the others houses we have not booked any accommodation we will just see where we get then find a hotel

Q: OK on behalf of everyone in the world hope you succeed & raise a lot of money for charity.


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