There have been suggestions that the site provides listings and/or recommendations for accommodation, cycle shops and perhaps other services   . . from experience this is difficult for several reasons : places come and go, one person's view of quality and value will vary widely from another's - and most importantly, the resource to be of any value has to be current and accurate, if it isn't then the site loses credibility.

The Directory has been created with submissions from riders (see the submission link) - as from July 2010 it is live, with the number of listed establishments increasing.

Riders and establishment owners may add details using the link at the top of the directory front page - all entries are validated before approval and publication.

November 2020 :A number of the entries are from the Beds for Cyclists listings - having tried to contact the owner of the listings site and with no reply i don't know whether the facility is still live (the website hasn't been updated for some years)  It's the intention to go through all of the Beds for Cyclists listings and change the links to be direct to the accommodation's own website (if it has one)   The remainder of the entries are also being checked.

We have contacted each listed establishment and asked it to verify and validate its listing.  On a rolling annual basis the establishment will be contacted to ascertain whether it is still in business and to re-verify the content - this process will be carried out by e-mail ONLY - one e-mail followed by a reminder and if there is no response then the establishment will be de-listed.

The listings are based on contributions and recommendations  - Cycle End-to-End does not recommend, endorse or express a view or opinion on the establishments.