Rob & Joe's JOGLE - which has become a popular resource for riders. The complete route book (with a free marked map)

Rob & Joe's JOGLE : £13.50 (incl UK Postage)
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The Journal of Rob & Joe's JOGLE : The route goes from John O'Groats southwards to Loch Ness and Fort William, through Glencoe to the side of Loch Lomond and the plots a remarkably easy crossing of Glasgow before picking up the old A74 route to Gretna and then Carlisle.  Continuing south via Penrith, Shap and Lancaster before passing between Liverpool and Manchester to the Cheshire Plain to Shrewsbury, Gloucester and Bristol.  The Somerset levels are next before reaching Devon and Cornwall with a route that skirts most of the really hilly areas, and stays away from the A30 quasi-motorway.  The final leg passes St Michael's Mount, through Penzance and to Land's End.  

The original route planning objectives were to avoid as many of those thin brown lines on the map as possible.

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