Ride dates submitted will normally be live within 24 hours (there is manual intervention)

The site only lists ride dates and brief comments (other than in exceptional circumstances) for upcoming rides and does not have Journals for uncompleted rides ... they can be added to the Journals listing when the ride (and journal) is completed.

It's partly practicality with the way the site works (the ride dates fall off the "Current Rides" listing when they have ended, although they remain in the archive) - and also to present complete blogs/journals rather than work in progress (which may remain work in progress .. or the ride doesn't happen ... or doesn't get submitted for the Journals library ... or has broken links )

When you do send your post-ride blog/journal please remember that the Cycle : End-to-End site links to your journal where it's hosted - so you need to ensure that it remains live for the foreseeable future (and if it's in a "blogging" style of site that the indexing doesn't move the content away from the precise link you have supplied)

As an alternative the Cycle : E2E site can host Journals if they are in  .pdf format - that means that they are part of the main site and not external links.   If you can't create a pdf I can do that from most PC based software programs.

Finally - you may like to add a link to any blog or website pointing to Cycle : End-to-End   
www.cycle-endtoend.org.uk  (i.e. just the main name - NOT the long string URL with ID Nos etc)   

- webmaster