From 13 May 2023 the  website will no longer be updated with new content. 

The existing content* will remain in place for the forseeable future, although resources and external links will undoubtedly disappear or fail over time - the contact/enquiry functions will no longer work.

The resources available for purchase in the ONLINE SHOP will continue to be available until the end of 2024.

Eighteen years on from my first E2E, and fourteen years since the website was created, have seen a lot of changes - not least of all the expansion of various media, both social and otherwise which perhaps divert interest from a website?
It's been a bit of a labour of love and I hope it's been useful to riders undertaking the UK's greatest cycle ride (and other rides too)
- the only significance of 13 May is that it's my birthday!

*The Directory was deleted from the site some time ago - input and maintenance of a directory is problematic, relying on user feedback etc.  The accommodation booking sites across the Internet have replaced it.

JOG iconGlencoeCycle : End-to-End - (probably) the most extensive resource for Land's End to John O'Groats - the ultimate ride across Britain - cycling trips. 

The intention is to provide a comprehensive resource for cyclists to find inspiration, routes, ideas, maps, books, tips & tricks etc. to help them achieve and enjoy their "BIG RIDE" - primary focus is on the UK E2E, but "end-to-end" rides in other countries will also be included.LE icon

To add your Ride dates or Journal* to the site, send the details using the input forms in the Main Menu.

There's a massive amount of content on the site - lots of the menu tabs have drop-down sub-menu tabs for more . . .

* if you can't "host" your Journal, send it as a Word or pdf file and it can be hosted on this site





If you have arrived here (the Cycle : End-to-End website Home page) from - The other place Bear icon at the foot of the right-hand column will always take you to the Beewee Home page and my other cycling and trivia stuff.


October 2020 : A big thank you to Shaun at for his generous hosting of the site, managing the recent upgrade to the latest version of the software and a move to new, faster, server.  I have made some changes to the overall structure to make it less cluttered and easier to navigate - a lot of the site has been re-written but a few items still need checking and editing.  It should all appear correctly - the key resources like The Journals are available together with the ONLINE SHOP and The Directory.