June 2022 - where have the last two gone?   Here in the UK we're not too far from being back to normal.

That can only mean that an E2E ride is now possible - and indeed lots are in progress.

So, time to bring those dreams and plans to fruition with no excuses for not planning for your E2E ! .... the website is here all the resources, planning guidance and the ONLINE SHOP for YOUR ride*

My own plans are now confirmed for a couple of cycle trips to France in June and July and a short UK club tour in September.

*The Directory has been deleted from the site - input and maintenance of a directory is problematic, relying on user feedback etc.  The accommodation booking sites across the Internet have replaced it.


JOG iconGlencoeCycle : End-to-End - (probably) the most extensive resource for Land's End to John O'Groats - the ultimate ride across Britain - cycling trips. 

The intention is to provide a comprehensive resource for cyclists to find inspiration, routes, ideas, maps, books, tips & tricks etc. to help them achieve and enjoy their "BIG RIDE" - primary focus is on the UK E2E, but "end-to-end" rides in other countries will also be included.LE icon

To add your Ride dates or Journal* to the site, send the details using the input forms in the Main Menu.

There's a massive amount of content on the site - lots of the menu tabs have drop-down sub-menu tabs for more . . .

* if you can't "host" your Journal, send it as a Word or pdf file and it can be hosted on this site





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October 2020 : A big thank you to Shaun at CycleChat.net for his generous hosting of the site, managing the recent upgrade to the latest version of the software and a move to new, faster, server.  I have made some changes to the overall structure to make it less cluttered and easier to navigate - a lot of the site has been re-written but a few items still need checking and editing.  It should all appear correctly - the key resources like The Journals are available together with the ONLINE SHOP and The Directory.

Any questions or issues just use the ENQUIRY/CONTACT form.