In response to numerous requests since the closure of the Warwickshire cycle shop I managed I am servicing and repairing bikes at my own well-equipped workshop in central Stratford-upon-Avon.

The scope of possible work is detailed here on the website with some standard service details and the, few, tasks for which I do not have the necessary specialist tools.  Space in the workshop is limited so all work is by appointment. 

This is micro-business enterprise, I started out servicing and repairing bicycles for friends or for people introduced by them and that has widened with demand increasing.  Charges are on a low-cost basis - with fixed pricing (no surprises!) advised before work commences.

I don't anticipate (or want to) have high volumes of work - so servicing and repairs etc will have a short lead time . . . getting you back on the road quickly.

To make an enquiry or booking please complete the online form CLICK HERE - you will normally receive a reply within three hours, or worst case no more than twelve hours.

NEW - fitting lower gears to your bike seems to be a popular option - if it's possible. 
I have a collection of larger cassettes together with hangers and chains that can be test-fitted to your bike to see whether it'll work - before the outlay for a cassette and chain etc.  Just ask for details!

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There are two ways you can get exercise out of a bicycle: you can "overhaul" it, or you can ride it.
(Jerome K Jerome)

The Bicycle Repair Man Services website is hosted at my website for simplicity and convenience - and who knows, may even inspire riders to take on this great ride!

A personal website is also hosted here, - The other place  You may also stumble across my other website promoting wooden items that I make from recycled pallets and other timber.