This page has miscellaneous links that were on the Ultimate Links site - they need to be checked and categorised in due course.  UPDATE : October 2010, broken links have been removed, the rest still need to be organised better.

CTC Article - A net 'reprint' of Peter Mann's article for the CTC magazine that gives a synopsis of his anti-clockwise, 5400 mile, trip around the coast of the UK on a Moulton APB. He desribes himself as a 'non-cylist' before he started. He had to complete the trip as he had rented his flat out to pay for it...... If you like the article look at his site at where you can read more details, buy his book "Postcards From The Edge Of Britain", and find links about his Moulton bike etc. The book is written to give an impression of what the actual process of cycling was like, and the mechanics of travelling for day after day, rather than just a list of the sights on route. 

Other Links of Interest

Cycle Tourer - a vast amount of really useful information, links, hints and tips


Scottish Cycling Development Project - which is still under development but already has some useful info on it.

The C2C Guide - Excellent unofficial, but definitive, guide to the coast to coast Cycling route across the North of England

Val & Bens' Tandem Touring Site - Exactly what it says!

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages. - Cycling pages, with everything from cycle touring and camping advice to cycling health and fitness, humour, and safety in traffic.

Sheldon Brown - a vast range of cycle related information from, sadly now, the late Sheldon Brown who worked at a cycle shop in Boston, USA.  Renowned the world over for cycle know-how and mild eccentricity.