. .  that's just cycling that we're referring to here (whether that's one, two or three wheels - upright or lying down) for the End-to-End.

In reality, nobody knows as many riders just do it and don't fill in the record books at LE or JOG - sometimes because they don't want to, or don't know there are books ... or the book-holding locations are closed.   The Land's End Company has the End-to-End Club but despite enthusiasm from the lady who runs it, the information is scant.

What we do know is that in 2010 (from March to November) 110 rides were registered on this website - obviously just the tip of the iceberg (not everyone knows about the site ... yet ) - BUT we do have an indicative answer for the other question : What's the split between LEJOG (S-N) and JOGLE (N-S) rides?

For 2010 the ratio was JOGLE 41% and LEJOG 59% - low-level analysis of dates etc implies that the JOGLE option was more popular in the middle of the season (June -July - August)  Estimates are usually in the 4,000 range

If you are riding, don't forget to list your ride on the website and send your journal/blog for publication - the resource helps others contemplating what is a great challenge, and satisfying achievement.