From Adventure Cycling in the US  :  Bike Bits Vol. 13, No. 4, February 16, 2011 - Bike Bits has heard from two individuals in Britain recently, each offering information on a unique route--both of which sound top drawer.

First, Rob, who lives in Stratford-upon-Avon, wrote to say this: "Thought you might like to feature my site that covers the UK's End-to-End [E2E] ride, tackled by many riders each year and, perhaps, the ultimate ride on our small island."  The E2E route goes from John O'Groats, situated in Scotland at the extreme northeastern tip of Great Britain, to Land's End, a settlement in Cornwall, England, located at the southwestern-most tip of the British mainland.  The shortest distance by road is 874 miles.

Meanwhile, David, writing from Consett, County Durham, wrote to tell us about the C2C route and direct us to his website. There it is written: "...developed by [Sustrans], the biggest sustainable transport charity in the world, [C2C is] the most popular long distance cycle route in the UK and has won a string of prestigious tourism and environmental awards." David went on to explain that when he was a Sustrans employee, he was the man behind planning and mapping the 140-mile route. He now organizes rides on the C2C, which goes from Whitehaven (or Workington) on the Irish Sea, to Sunderland (or Tynemouth) on the North Sea.