At last - the time has come.  Off today on the three train journey legs to be in Penzance on Sunday afternoon for a 10 mile cycle to Land's End and the start-point proper.

I'm going from Stratford-upon-Avon to Birmingham, Moor Street - cycling the few hundred yards to Birmingham, New Street to get the train to Bristol to stay overnight (Jon will be arriving in Bristol from Bromsgrove via Worcester) - then on Sunday we travel together to Penzance.   Seems crazy to have to overnight in Bristol but it simply isn't possible to get from Birmingham to Penzance by train on a Sunday and arrive at Land's End at a reasonable time.

For you train buffs (including Alan H, Tony G and Martin A) I shall be using London Midland, Cross Country and First Great Western trains [Jon should be recording the engine numbers in his Ian Allan trainspotter's book]

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