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Posted 9 April 2009

The issue affecting the sending of forms/submission of Journals etc has been resolved.



Posted 2 April 2009

The Cycle : End-to-End website is now live!   The content is being added to and edited constantly, hopefully with minimum disruption for users.

The Journals ... and the Library The major task is moving the list of Journal links from The BIG List page into The Library of Journals - there are about 300 entries that have to be done manually (when that's complete it's easy to maintain!)

Posted 28 March 2008

The core website structure has been created with the menus etc. - initially there is an item called "The BIG list" - this is just what it says, it's a single page with over 300 Journals* listed in descending numerical order (that means it's sort of in date order going backwards).