An appointment system is in operation for the workshop, with work normally completed within 24 hours - simplest is to email your request (you will normally receive a reply within 3 hours) using the online form.

All work will have an initial assessment and a fixed cost agreed - any variations as a result of findings during the work will be advised and approval obtained before proceeding.

Basic parts and consumables are stocked but some components will need to be ordered.

Work not outlined below can also be carried out - from checking/assembling (PDI) a bike bought online to complete bike-builds or frame-swaps.

The two service options:

BASIC SERVICE - a thorough check for low/infrequent usage bikes, or just getting back on the road   £39

  • Safety check (bolts/torque settings etc)
  • Brakes checked and adjusted (new blocks/pads fitted if required)
  • Gear cables oiled and gears reset (cables replaced if needed)
  • Cranks removed and re-greased
  • Chain & cassette checked for wear
  • Tyres checked and inflated to the correct pressure
  • Bike wiped down with degreaser and lubrication as required

INTERMEDIATE SERVICE - the popular one - comprehensive checks for bikes in regular use  £49

  • Wheels checked and hubs serviced (bearings replaced if required)
  • Chain & cassette checked for wear
  • Tyres checked and inflated to the correct pressure
  • Brakes checked and adjusted (new pads fitted if needed)
  • Gear cables oiled and gears correctly indexed and adjusted (cables replaced if required)
  • Bottom bracket removed, frame re-greased, cranks cleaned and re-installed
  • Headset removed cleaned and re-greased
  • Seat post removed, greased and re-fitted
  • Bike clean and lubrication as required

    Optional ultrasonic cleaning of the cassette, add £4.00

    Add £20.00 for full strip down and ultrasonic clean of derailleurs, fitting new cables (excl cable cost)


Bikes bought online will arrive in a large cardboard box in various states - some partially "knocked down" and some almost ready to ride - in either case they need careful assembly and checking with correct torque settings on components etc.

Unpack, build, mechanical and safety checks  £30


Punctures* and tyre fitting

  •  wheel only (front or rear) £7.50 + cost of a new tube
  •  for a hub geared bike (rear wheel, with resetting gears) £20 + cost of a new tube

Brakes - servicing/adjusting

  • caliper brakes, v-brakes or cable disc brakes £15

Wheels/Hubs** - servicing

  • hub service, per wheel £18
  • basic, minor true £15

Gears** - adjusting/indexing

  • cable operated derailleur £15 (front & rear changers) £10 (rear only changer)
  • cable operated hub £20

Fitting parts

  • bottom bracket £15
  • chain £10
  • headset £15
  • forks, including sizing/cutting the steerer £25
  • full mudguards £17.50
  • race-blade mudguards £12.50
  • fit bar tape (stripping off old) £15.00
  • pedals £5

Labour - £20 per hour for any work outside the price list items (Min £15 to cover diagnosis and work within 45 minutes)

*   it is more economical to replace the inner tube rather than the labour to patch a punctured tube
** there are a few for which we don't have the specialist tools or equipment for: Di2/electronic gear shifting, tubular tyre fitting, suspension servicing and motor related work for electric bikes.

Prices at 1 May 2024

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