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News from the road as Rob (the webmaster) & Jon ride LEJOG

Train from Birmingham, via Bristol, to Penzance and cycle to Land's End on Sunday 6 June 2010 : on the road from Monday 7 June 2010 - arrived at John O'Groats on Saturday 19 June 2010

The messages below were all transmitted during the trip - e-mailed direct to the website.


Great ride with a really tough climb (I think the first 'chevrons' on the map since Devon) - fantastic views, but quite a bit of traffic.
[JoeC - we went to the bike shop that mended your gears .. just to use the track pump - the bloke didn't recognise me]

From Rob's handlebars
The sleepy town of Dingwall is alive with a film crew - lights, action, the whole bit. It's a film called A Lonely Place to Die and has Melissa George (whoever she may be) in it. Jon lurked about looking for a part as an extra, but they had already cast 962 bystanders and there was no need for the 963rd.
Shorter day tomorrow and we see the sea again, just have to keep it on the right.

From Rob's handlebars
At Bridge of Orchy [JoeC - Aussie staff gone, East Europeans have taken over]
Some real long drags of climbs but nothing very steep - and a 4 mile long descent to the lunch stop. Rannoch Moor & Glencoe next to Ft William.

From Rob's handlebars

Siskins outside as we had breakfast with views of the Loch. Around the
west and north shores before a climb to a plateau and then to the
highest point of the trip just outside Tyndrum. Three miles of
freewheeling to the Bridge of Orchy for an early lunch.

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Long climbs onto the moors. Highest point now over 1100 feet. Headwind in Glencoe with snow on mountain tops.
Long descents. Waited for Rob for 32 minutes! Man who took 700 mile picture, Carl Michael, also donated
Crossed Rannoch Moor in constant headwind but then sped for miles at great pace down through Glencoe.
For the whole ride I've been amazed at the roadside rubbish .. McDonald's cartons miles from the nearest outlet, cans of all descriptions, and if I had
Hmm ... Looks like message got truncated by Mr Googlemail on it's way to the website .. It should say :
... and if I had
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