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This cartoon appeared in the Daily Telegraph today - the underlying joke being related to Prime Minister Boris Johnson being spotted riding his bike at the Olympic Park during the Covid lockdown.








The cartoon is published without permission (I'm sure they wont mind) and is solely for purposes of humour and in no way any comment on the political or right/wrong aspects from the Cycle : End-to-End website.



With the lockdown announcements today applying to both England & Scotland any End-to-End rides aren't permitted - BUT they can still be planned as something to look forward to . . . although when is an unknown

All the resources are on the site - lots of Journals to browse, details of guide books etc - and inspiration.


A new entrant in the cycle touring field offering a popular End-to-End ride - Chris Ellison, the E2E organiser is well-respected with his experience running the CTC LEJOG supported rides.   The company is listed on the site under:  Resources/Planning/Holiday organisers



Well, 2020 has been pretty depressing but let's hope 2021 is better - and we can all do more cycling . . . and plan that End-to-End ride!






- webmaster


OK, I have to own up, the photograph was taken on Christmas Eve 2020, not Christmas Day!