There are numerous mapping options to help with initial planning and creation of GPS files or printed maps - as well as creating routes*

Listed here, in alphabetical order, is a wide range of services/software/gadgets with links to them (opening in new windows) - some are free, some have a subscription charge, some work with a web browser, some work with an Android or iPhone, some have the facility to convert from one format to another - .gpx is the most common format.

There are also many apps for both Android and iPhone gadgets, mostly based on OpenStreetMaps or Google Maps.

Work in progress - links will be live shortly (at present - cut/paste)


Bike Ride Maps -



Bryton (GPS gadget with mapping)

Garmin (GPS gadget with mapping)

Garmin Connect

Google Maps (and Streetview)

Google Maps (convert route to .gpx)

GPS Visualiser (format converter)


Just Go Ride


Memory Map - PC based mapping and route creation

Mio (GPS gadget with mapping)


OpenStreetMaps - free mapping

Ordnance Survey

Osola (load .gpx to maps)


Ride with GPS


Strava (Ride recording/competition, with separate mapping capability)

Strava .gpx upload

Via Michelin


Wahoo (GPS gadget with mapping)

* the webmaster's experience with services that offer "here to there" routing has been mixed - the results need to be checked to ensure that the route uses suitable roads/lanes (offering motorways or drover tracks isn't unusual!)
There are also errors in many of the base mapping with roads marked that don't exist, and roads that exist not marked - using Google Streetview is a good way to check if you're in doubt.

The list here is not definitive and is with no recommendation or warranty.