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Another friend of the webmaster has just completed his JOGLE ride at the age of 73!

Former international athlete Roy Lodge from Stratford-upon-Avon rode the 900 miles in just 13 days, averaging 69 miles per day and with 89.5 hours on the bike - quite an achievement.

His wife Gina supported him in a car - and even that wasn't without incident as the suspension collapsed on the way to the start and a hire car had to be found for a few days - undaunted Roy set off from JOG thinking it was all downhill .... his brief story is No 585 in the Journals.

Long-time cyclist Roy clearly enjoyed the ride, raising even more money for the Parkinson's UK charity.



BJ, a friend of the webmaster, has just ridden JOGLE with the Deloitte Ride Across Britain event - 9 days top to bottom at almost racing pace.  He came in 13th overall in a total time on the bike of 63:09:43 - not sure what the equates to in mph*

His post-ride thinking was that his fitness and riding training were fine but that the back-to-back riding was a challenge.

I echoed the comment about day-after-day riding with my two E2E unsupported touring rides ... he responded:

Having done the ride I wouldn't belittle any E2E - you're right about the challenge of getting on the bike each day. I think however the luggage issue was neutralised by the speed increase! By all means add an item to the website but I would like the record to show that I was severely slowed down on the last 3 days by acute pain and swelling from a left Achilles tendon injury!

... did I mention that BJ had a hip replacement last year?   Chapeau.

* He says that the time included over 4 hours of enforced feed station and other stops - his net speed calculation is 16.5 mph ... he'd been aiming for 17!


A new category has been added to The Directory for Cafes and Tea Rooms ... please send your suggestions (using the online form in The Directory section) - we'll contact the establishments and ask them for listing details.

AND ... don't forget to send your accommodation and cycle shop lists too.


. . . so far - was Saturday 28 May 2011 with 18 rides listed on the Cycle-End-to-End website calendar - and hits on the website have gone through the roof too!

At the end of the season it's planned to try and work out some statistics for number of rides, riders, direction split, duration etc ....

In the meantime if you've ridden do send your journal/blog to publish (it''s free) and also help the statistics by completing the short survey, using the link on the left menu.


The run-down, derelict and sad hotel at the northern end of the ride at John O'Groats is apparently going to have a makeover.   A celebration of the start of the new initiative, Transform, is scheduled for July 2011.

Details are HERE on the BBC News website (opens in a new window)

Hopefully the plans will come to fruition this time . . . there have been several grand schemes over the years . . .

JOG was awarded the "Carbuncle Award" in 2010 - with this quote : "Having cycled 800 miles* from Land's End to get here I would wonder why I bothered.  This is the most anti-climactic tourist attraction that I know - and the UK is not lacking in these"

* must have taken a short cut somewhere - the minimum possible is supposed to be 874.


A bicycle ride from Calais to Montpellier The tale of a two-week journey, from Calais on the Channel coast of France to the Mediterranean coast, at Montpellier. Foreword by Edward Enfield

Rob & Jon's cycle ride through France in 2008

Inspired by Edward Enfield's book Downhill All The Way, Rob (the site's webmaster) and Jon cycled from Calais to Montpellier via the Champagne, Burgundy, Rhone, Provence and Launguedoc regions of France.

This popular book (reprinted recently) has been professionally edited and produced, and comes complete with a free CD containing a detailed route map and colour photographs.  CLICK HERE  for more details and to order your copy.

Format : A5, 178pp, softbound : 5 800043 205524


The End-to-End Collection of (at present 13) different route listings.  Presented as a list of places - some very detailed, some just the overnight stops for you to plan your own route.  Available for a donation of just £5 which will go to defray the costs of running the website.  Delivered as a pdf for you to print.    CLICK HERE  to order your pack.

If you haven't noticed, a new FAQ section has been added - I've listed most of the questions I have come across with the site . . . if you have other questions please let me know and I'll add them.