The list here, in "as added to" order is simply links (they open in a new window) to stuff that I've found interesting, informative, amusing or just worth listing. 
There is a brief  caption for each one with the date it was added, with most recent first.

Ian Visits - Things to do and what's on in London.  Daily posts with a mix of interesting stuff, an index of museums and a schedule of day-by-day anniversaries. 7 January 2022

Museum of Brands in London - A nostalgic journey through 200 years of social change, culture and lifestyle. An exciting new way of looking at history through the things that generations of families have thrown away, a journey back through the memories of your childhood, all brought back to life again in the Time Tunnel – a fascinating insight into how we have lived since Victorian times. 13 October 2021

Online Converter - for a wide range of file formats and units of measurement, this is a versatile and multipurpose converter, a handy tool for your work and personal life.  12 September 2021

Text to speech converter- an online service that converts text to the spoken word (and can then be saved as a sound file)  Remarkably good although it does a few odd things like saying "forward slash" when encountering, e.g. on/or.  5 July 2021

Look & Learn Image Archive - one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of historical pictures and photos. 12 June 2021

Retro to Go - a sub-site of Wow Haus featuring retro designs of a variety of items.  16 April 2021

The Modern House - this is actually an Estate Agent that markets modern houses that are usually architecturally stunning (you'll need to dig around in the site for current and past properties, it's fascinating).  9 April 2021

The Rudiments Of Wisdom - encyclopaedia by Tim Hunkin. Thousands of cartoons covering almost everything there is to know!   18 March 2021

Wow Haus - the home of hip houses and stylish interiors - interesting architecture with some Bauhaus influence.  10 March 2021

Dilbert - daily cartoon strip with a satirical look at corporate life - the cartoonist, Scott Adams, worked at AT&T . . . having also worked for AT&T the funny side is reality!  3 March 2021

Diamond Geezer - Life viewed from London E3 - (that's Bow) - again London-centric, with a daily post on all sorts of things and comments. 16 February 2021
ADDENDUM - there is a massive collection of interesting photographs, and not just London, at

Spitalfields Life - having Huguenot ancestry (on my father's side) I follow a daily email about Spitalfields (where they settled when they fled from France in the late 17C) - interesting old photographs and prints, then and now etc.  8 February 2021

Lumberjocks - a North American site, a bit niche but an amazing array of projects that woodworkers have created - and pictures of the members (a lot of beards and trucker caps!) and their workshops. 26 January 2021

The Map Shop - small shop at Upton-upon-Severn that stocks a massive range of maps and guide books - very helpful old-school service (the manager wears a cardigan!) - mail order and counter service.  17 January 2021

Trains in France - an excellent map of the complete French railway system (use in conjunction with Capitaine Train) - but be aware that some of the routes are buses not trains for all or part of the day. 16 January 2021

Land Registry House Prices - sale prices for properties back to about 1996 - new sales are usually visible about 8 weeks after completion.  12 January 2021

Capitaine Train  - timetables and bookings for trains across Europe. The site started as an "interrupter" for SNCF but has been absorbed into The Trainline  10 January 2021

Watch Battery UK - batteries, watch straps, watch parts, torches, gifts - at excellent prices 10 January 2021

Audley Travel - highly recommended, superb service for our sadly truncated 2020 trip to Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.  12 December 2020

National Library of Scotland - Maps - massive archive of old maps - not just Scotland but all of the UK.  10 December 2020  

Time & Chaos Intellect - integrated email client, diary, address book PC program. I've been using this since 2011, modest one-off cost. 10 December 2020

Evernote - online notebook app that links with a smartphone. I've been using this since 2010 - just to note random stuff and aide memoire. Free for PC, small monthly fee for the phone sync. 10 December 2020  

BT Directory Enquiries - FREE - don't be ripped-off by the 118 services - residential (limited as so many are now ex-directory or don't have a landline) and business numbers. 10 December 2020 

Umbrella Magazine celebrates all that’s fantastic about the urban experience. 10 December 2020 

Thomas Windisch Photography - Urban Exploration and more ...  10 December 2020  

Instructables is a community for people who like to make things.  5 December 2020 

Aviation Ancestry - British Aviation Industry advertisements dating from 1909-1990. 5 December 2020

The links will always be "work safe" - and if any are broken/discontinued please let me know through the Contact form.