A schedule of the tools - as an aide-memoire (which frightened me when I compiled it!) - amended as new tools are acquired/disposed of.

Bench Machines

Mitre saw (bevel)
Mitre saw (sliding, compound/bevel)
Bandsaw (Record 10" - new May 2024, replaced smaller Axminster machine)

Scroll saw
Drill press

Router table (built-in router)
Disc/belt sander
Bobbin sander
Grinding wheel machine
Polishing wheel machine
CNC machine with router (option to add laser cutter)
Record engineer's vice
Record woodworking vice

Hand power tools


Drill (2 - Bosch & JCB)
Drill SDS (Bauker)

Palm router (Katsu)
Biscuit jointer
Angle grinder
Dremel mini-multi-tool
Track saw
Circular saw
Hot melt glue gun
Heat gun
Sanding (2 - half-sheet & detail)
Belt sander
Soldering gun


Common battery platform (Einhell) cordless:
   Impact wrench/screwdriver
   Combination drill
   Angle grinder
   Random Orbital Sander
   Circular saw

   Oscillating multi-tool
   Hot glue gun

   Reciprocating/sabre saw
   Work lamp/torch
   Vacuum cleaner
   Dust/garden blower
   Hedge trimmer

Drill (2 - one in screwdriver mode)
Nail gun
Engraving pen

Hand tools

Numerous, too much to list in detail! - pretty much what you would expect : saws (tenon, cross-cut, coping, hack, Japanese/flushcut), chisels, screwdrivers, hammers, mallets, planes, pincers etc, etc.
Pallet breaker/crowbar
Hand mitre saw/jig frame
Electric branding iron with brass brand logos
Plumbing related tools to cover most things

Clamps, guide rails, jigs & benches

Locking clamp straight-edge rails (2 off UJK/Axminster)
Trigger clamps (6 off 600mm, 6 off 400mm, 10 off 150mm, 10 off 60mm)
MFT clamps - (2 off horizontal, 2 off vertical/track saw, 2 off hold-down)
MFT bench dogs
Sash clamps (4 off Axminster, 2 off Record)
Kreg adjustable pocket-hole jig
Trend fixed-clamp pocket-hole jig

Vertical drill depth guide attachment
Mitre cutting box
Drilling angle-jig
Folding trestles with portable bench top
Step-up working platform
Step-ladder (2)
Extending ladder (triple)

Marking & measuring

Squares, spirit levels, laser level, rulers, micrometers, verniers, bevel, mortise gauge, tape measures, laser measurer, moisture meter, multi-meter etc


          Lawn mower (battery)
          Hedge trimmer - large (battery)
        Pole-saw (long-reach chainsaw)
        Chainsaw, 12" (corded)

        Karcher pressure washer
        Karcher car wash/shampoo kit
        Shredder for green material
        Fertiliser/grass treatment distributor

French polishing/re-finishing

        Sanding system
        Scrapers, mops, brushes etc

PPE/Dust Extraction/Painting/Cleaning

Ducting system around the workshop with hose connections to blast gates for all machines + a general cleaning hose, powered by a Record filter/dust extractor (with remote control)
Record "air scrubber" filter mounted on the ceiling (with remote control)

Ear defenders
Goggles and spectacles

Knee pads
Henry vacuum cleaner
Clarke compressor + spray kit
Vax steam cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning tank (shared with the bike workshop)


Bike workshop area

Park Professional Workstand
Comprehensive range of Park Tool and other brand specialist tools